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The New Horizon: Applications and Services

There have been many changes and events on my way through BBTC, Everath and the ecosystem that we have been putting together. Some very good things and others not so good, but a lot of experience has been gained from all of them.

One of the most important things that I have rescued is the need to adopt sustainable mechanisms for future projects and not depend solely on tokens and volatile markets.

Here we have made a decision that will change the direction of projects from now on: Services as a priority.

What does this mean?

The focus of our work will be on the development of useful services and dapps for third parties (some of them may present their utility token). But the key is that these services can offer entrepreneurs and the general public useful and unique blockchain tools for their day to day. These services must give a utility that will be injected into the projects already present (constantly) and another part be used in the growth of the work team and infrastructure.

We have some pending projects that do not necessarily involve a tool or service, but it is important that you know what the main focus will be from now on.

The ecosystem (of applications and services) will go through a rebranding process with the aim of being fully representative of this new axis, without losing the diffusion and space of our previous projects to which we wish to re-boost and give added value (as well as make them participate in functionalities within the tools).

I think it’s really a wise and strategic path in terms of achieving real sustainability of our previous projects like Baby Bitcoin and Everath, as well as our future.

I know that many have been waiting, but I think there is a good future ahead.

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