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About me

First, I can’t say that I’m famous, nor loved by everyone, don’t expect a life story with a biographical fantasy. But if you are here it could be for two reasons:

Maybe you are interested in knowing who I am or you clicked by mistake (it happens to all of us at some point). If the reason is the first, here we go…

Many know me in the communities by my alias: Dev Mexos, “Dev” for Developer and “Mexos” because it is the fantasy name that I always use for video games and I just liked the sound of it, there is nothing more to say.

I am from the 90’s, a beautiful time, much more analog and tangible, with a special, pixelated and unforgettable taste (nostalgia of transition to old). Since I had contact with my first computer (a Pentium I), I began a close relationship with technology year after year. I don’t consider myself a specialist in a specific area, I consider myself a technological explorer.

Shortly after getting acquainted with computers, I learned to program in Visual Basic 6 (in those days) manual programs and other simple things, even gradually consolidating fundamentals.

When functional websites began to proliferate in cyberspace, I started to get a taste for web development, networks and servers, it really is something that I love… That laid the foundation to continue learning other things such as application development, security and more.

There was a time when I actively developed video games, another of my passions (I promise to update this section with material). I also studied advertising (Hey, what happened here?). Yes, it is something totally distant from what we have been talking about, but consider at the time that I already had a good technical base, what I needed was good criteria and tools to sell, as well as to give a living identity to my projects. I think it was a good investment.

A few years ago I began to see the subject Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, approximately in 2011-2012. At that time there wasn’t as much information as there was today and I certainly didn’t understand much at first. I am also one of those who at that time lack the vision to save a few Bitcoins (hanged image).

This interest had a pause until 2019 where I returned to take it up again and investigate a little more. After a few months, I began with some investment experiments that turned out very badly (image of hanged x2) and also to study a little more in depth about the operation of the Blockchain, understand its philosophy and its possible usefulness.

Until then I have gained experience doing some work for others and in 2021, the idea of making a token came up, that time and the name were perfect “Baby Bitcoin (BBTC)”. At the beginning, the token did fairly well, but it was not until October of that same year that it exploded, reaching a market capitalization of around 40 million dollars, which motivated me to learn more about the development of Blockchain projects.

In March 2022 we launched Everath (EATH), a token that works with an oracle which is designed to react based on market price volatility. The token had a huge impact on launch, reaching $6 million market cap on day two, which was also what worked against us as many of those who entered on day one (delighted with the x20 they had done so quickly) decided to withdraw their profits without caring about the fee that the contract charged when the market price fell. I think it’s a success with a slight bitter taste (although it’s not over yet), but it was an important learning: The market is always judge and executioner.

Currently, as I mentioned in previous notes on this blog, I am working on an ecosystem of utilities and decentralized tools called Powabit, in which previous and future projects will be integrated. It’s really something exciting for me, as it will allow me to experience the Blockchain to another level.

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