A development blog Why?

A development blog Why?

A big hello to our project communities and casual visitors.

I decided to open a simple blog in which I upload relevant information about the projects with which I am committed and let them know about new ideas and proposals. Also take advantage of publishing tutorials and blockchain tips that are useful to different audiences.

The reason for the blog is simple. Have a centralized information point, without the loss of communication caused by media such as Telegram and Twitter. Where you can find out in an orderly and graphic way everything that we believe is important for you to know or that may be interesting.

We can also participate here! For this, the comment board below each note is at your disposal! (Obviously spam comments are filtered, in that case refrain).

You can follow me on my Twitter account, there you can also find out when I upload a new post!

I look forward to your participation. Let’s start!

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    January 2, 2024

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