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Powabit Ecosystem, Creativity applied to the future

Hello dear community!

We are pleased to officially present our ecosystem in which we have been constantly developing for some time now.

Powabit Ecosystem

Creativity applied to the future.

We seek to provide a different value to our audiences through unique applications and services.


We designed a system of applications designed to enhance the usefulness of projects and ventures within the Blockchain. We define our service as D-SaaS (Decentralized Software as a Service).
A platform where developers and entrepreneurs can offer their public different utilities with their tokens.
Some of the basic modules are:

Powa Lottery:
Creator of personalized lotteries where various projects can carry out automated dynamics with their own token, as well as entrepreneurs can carry out raffles with other tokens or cryptocurrencies.

Powa D-Vote:
A useful decentralized voting tool to give the possibility to holders of tokens of a project to address a critical issue about it through the issuance of votes, taking into account their market share.

Powa Token designer:
An advanced innovative token creation system with greater customization capabilities and administration panel, intended for entrepreneurs who do not write code.

Powa Launchpad:
Tool to create pre-sale and fairlaunch. We take the best features on the market and power it. An entrepreneur can carry out his presale in a professional way, where in addition to having a dashboard with advanced statistics and multiple functions, as well as a clear and simple interface for its investors, he can have a customizable, informative and promotional landing page.

Powa Market Maker:
An automated market making service for projects, with customizable settings and advanced statistics.


Intelligent market listing and analysis platform, with statistics and recommendations based on real-time data for the end user, which will allow them to find new opportunities efficiently, as well as multiple customization and promotion tools for developers and entrepreneurs.

End users will have centralized information to be trained on everything they need to know before making investments in digital assets, as well as being able to continuously monitor them.

This department also provides personalized Marketing and Market-Focus dissemination services to each project, putting its strengths and weaknesses at the center of discussion and planning, so that each action that is executed is effective and takes your project to the highest level.


Assets thought of utility and leisure. In addition to classic collectible offerings, we also offer utility-based non-fungible token projects such as licensing, identification and authentication tools.

Within this module we also have one of our most ambitious projects: Powamon, an NFT game which has a strategically analyzed economy designed for constant growth and deflationary action.


Exchange platform available to all users and especially new projects, since we believe that there are very good ideas and initiatives that really deserve to have an adequate boost, always taking meticulous care of the authenticity of said projects.

The platform has unique utilities such as:


An investment tool and program focused on seeking stability in the value of rewards. If you deposit a single currency, the system will not give you rewards in a single currency, but will analyze the market value of different projects participating in the program to give you a package of distributed assets seeking to generate a more stable value in monetary terms, fighting in this way form with the absolute volatility that a single market presents.

Opportunity swap:

A tool and program that allows you to exchange one of the tokens participating in the program for another, offering opportunities to acquire it at a better price than in the market based on the available liquidity of each one in the different tools, for example, the Multi-staking and others.

We add to our list the TP (Token Partners) Baby Bitcoin (BBTC) and Everath (EATH), who will have a participation in the economy of the Powabit ecosystem, in utility within applications and services, as well as part of the income of the ecosystem are injected into the market liquidity of these tokens, as well as future projects of this style.

Powabit was born from the creative impulse, our goals are dynamic and based on constant growth and innovation in the Blockchain field.

PS: The official website of the ecosystem is in the final stages of design, it will soon be available to the public with complete information.

In these days we will be ready to launch the website and present the first version of PowaDAP to the public, so that the different applications can be progressively tested.

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